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AquaCal TropiCal Heat Pumps

Transform your pool for pleasure and relaxation 365 days a year with Outdoor Direct’s AquaCal TropiCal Heat Pump collection. Affordable, efficient, and durable - these AquaCal TropiCal Pool Heaters are your gateway to perpetual summer.

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Enjoy World-Class Pool Heating on a Budget With the AquaCal TropiCal Heat Pump, Available at Outdoor Direct!

The dream of luxuriating in your pool during a crisp autumn evening or a mild spring day is possible with Outdoor Direct’s range of AquaCal TropiCal Pool Heater. 

The TropiCal series is your solution for consistent, efficient pool heating, inviting you to dip into warm waters whenever the urge strikes, all at a fraction of the operating costs of traditional heaters. 

And here at Outdoor Direct, you gain access to the entire series at affordable prices - with unparalleled customer support every step of the way!

What Makes Outdoor Direct’s AquaCal TropiCal Heat Pump Selection So Special?

Outdoor Direct marries innovation with tradition, offering a product lineup that’s rooted in dependability and forward-thinking technology. Our AquaCal TropiCal Pool Heaters embody this ethos. 

The T55, T75, T90, and T115 models cater to varied pool sizes with heat-only options, ensuring efficient performance with their Patented ThermoLink Titanium Heat Exchanger.

The T135R steps up the game, available in both heat-only and heat-and-cool versions, for those who demand versatility. These models boast features that are the hallmark of quality:

  • Corrosion-resistant cabinets
  • Easy-to-navigate control panels
  • Eco-friendly PoolSync system for smart control
  • And a whole lot more!

Each AquaCal TropiCal Heat Pump offers exceptional longevity, with a warranty that promises years of unwavering service. From the compact T55 to the robust T135R, Outdoor Direct’s selection meets the needs of every pool owner.

Selecting the right model from the TropiCal series aligns with your lifestyle needs and pool specifications. The T55 and T75 are tailored for smaller pools with a GPM of 20/45, ensuring optimal performance without excess. 

For larger pools, the T90 to T135R models are equipped to handle a GPM of 30/70, providing the necessary power to maintain consistent warmth throughout. All models are designed to heat your pool rain or shine, offering therapeutic benefits that enhance personal health.

When in doubt, reach out. Our customer service team is trained to help you find the perfect solution no matter what your needs are. Get in touch today and let’s make your outdoor dreams a reality!

Invest in Warmth, Efficiency, and Longevity in an AquaCal TropiCal Pool Heater Today!

Outdoor Direct invites you to experience the superior quality and savings of the AquaCal TropiCal heat pump series. With our expertise and the TropiCal's efficiency, your pool will become a year-long destination for relaxation and entertainment.

Not sure this is the right type of AquaCal heat pump for your unique needs? If you’re looking for something a bit more robust with more features, consider the AquaCal HeatWave SuperQuiet Heat Pump. You can also take a look at the AquaCal Chillers we carry here at Outdoor Direct.

Connect with us today, and let's select the AquaCal heater that suits your pool best. Your perfect swim temperature is just a click away!