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Pool Heater Chiller Combo

Tired of your pool getting a bit too chilly in spring or fall, but too warm during the summer? You can have it all with a pool heater chiller combo! These dual-use units empower you to enjoy your pool more year-round, all at a fraction of the energy cost of traditional solutions. Discover the pinnacle of pool heating and cooling solutions at Outdoor Direct today. 

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Keep Your Pool Comfortable Year-Round With a Pool Heater Chiller Combo From Outdoor Direct!

You love your swimming pool - maybe it’s one of the reasons you bought your home, or perhaps you had it installed yourself to elevate your backyard. 

But let’s face it - the enjoyment of a pool is contingent on its temperature. Too warm and it’s not refreshing during summer; too cold and it’s not even going to get used. 

Unfortunately, so many of us live in climates where the “sweet spot” for swimming season is a narrow window. But who said the joy of swimming had to be seasonal? 

While a standalone pool heat pump or chiller could solve part of the equation, a pool chiller heater combo addresses it all. These versatile units maintain ideal water temperatures year-round, ensuring your pool is never too hot or too cold.

Here at Outdoor Direct, we’ve curated the best selection of pool heater and chiller combo units to help you experience comfortable conditions regardless of climate or season. Shop now and elevate your backyard or learn more about these units below! 

What Makes Our Pool Chiller Heater Combo Selection the #1 Choice Online?

Our brand was born to help people like you enjoy the outdoors more, whether it’s a camping trip or your own backyard. In order to do that, we’re committed to providing you with industry-leading products backed by world-class service. Our pool heater chiller combo collection is no exception. 

While we’ve come to be known as the premier provider of both the AquaCal pool heater and AquaCal chiller lineups, many of these units are equipped with the manufacturer’s IceBreaker technology - which allows them to serve dual purposes. 

You’ll be able to choose between a budget-friendly, value-packed AquaCal TropiCal pool heater or a sophisticated AquaCal Heatwave Superquiet pool heater. Either way, you can rest assured you’re getting a dependable, efficient solution.

The TropiCal series is known for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It can heat your pool for a fraction of the cost of a gas heater while also providing the cooling necessary for hot summer days. Options range from COP ratings of 5.5-6.0 and BTUs of 52K-132K. 

Many of these units even feature the revolutionary ThermoLink® heat exchanger that prevents premature heat pump failure ensuring an expected 12-15 year life expectancy. They also have corrosion and fade-proof cabinets, easy-to-use LCD displays, and PoolSync compatibility so you can control your pool from your phone.

On the other hand, the HeatWave SuperQuiet IceBreaker series is the pinnacle of performance with greater efficiency and a whisper-quiet operation to maximize your outdoor enjoyment. These range from COP ratings of 5.5-7.1 and BTUs of 101K-143K. 

These pool heater and chiller units feature the same ThermoLink exchanger along with variable speed pumps and a unique air flow vectoring top, all of which ensure unparalleled efficiency. In fact, the investment in this type of unit can be recouped through energy savings in just 3 years!

AquaCal has been the most trusted brand in pool heating and cooling since 1981, and each of these units is backed by a 7-year warranty. So, why not take the first step towards extending your swimming season today?

Find the Perfect Pool Heater and Chiller Combo Today!

Whether you’re looking for a small pool heat pump or commercial pool heat pump, you can rest assured the perfect pool heater chiller combo is just a click away. 

You don’t have to play the guessing game to find it, either. You can count on our customer service team to help you find the right unit with ease. We also have an intuitive quiz that guides you in the right direction.

It’s time to start spending more time in the pool making memories with loved ones or relaxing and unwinding. It all starts here at Outdoor Direct, where you’ll gain access to the lowest prices on the best pool heater and chiller units. 

Choose smart, swim more, and dive into the perfect pool experience today!