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Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD 10000 Robot Lawn Mower

by Mammotion Model #MTL23LUV4NA02


Authorized Dealer

Warranty Included

Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD 10000 Robot Lawn Mower

by Mammotion Model #MTL23LUV4NA02


Authorized Dealer

Warranty Included

  • For lawns up to 2.5 acres (10,000㎡)
  • No perimeter wires required
  • Designed for all lawns and weather conditions

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Questions about the Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD 10000 Robot Lawn Mower?

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Upgrade your lawn care routine with Mammotion's LUBA 2 AWD 10000 Robot Lawn Mower and harness the power of smart app control, efficient performance on slopes and damp conditions, multi-area mowing capabilities, quiet operation, and comprehensive safety features to achieve a perfectly manicured lawn with ease and peace of mind.


  • Mow lawns up to 2.5 acres (10,000㎡)
  • 3D Vision & RTK Fusion-mapping system
  • Quick setup in 18 minutes with no perimeter wire
  • All-Wheel-Drive for up to 38.6° slope
  • Multi-zone management for up to 60 zones & no-go-zone setting
  • APP & Voice control with Alexa and Google Home
  • Lawn printing technology provides rich mowing patterns and custom designs for your lawn


Enhanced RTK Signal Coverage

The Luba 2 boasts Enhanced RTK Signal Coverage powered by advanced RTK-GNSS Positioning Technology, ensuring centimeter-level accuracy over an impressive signal coverage range of up to 3 miles. This capability sets a new standard for precision in industries such as surveying, mapping, agriculture, and construction. With its extended reach, the Luba 2 AWD 10000 enables users to work efficiently over expansive areas without sacrificing accuracy, making it an ideal solution for complex projects and challenging terrains. The enhanced signal coverage not only enhances operational flexibility but also reduces the risk of signal dropouts, ensuring consistent performance even in demanding environments. Overall, the Luba 2 AWD 10000 with its Enhanced RTK Signal Coverage delivers unmatched reliability and precision for critical positioning tasks across various industries.

No Boundaries, No Worries

The Luba 2 AWD 10000 redefines the concept of freedom and ease in boundary setting with its innovative features. Offering the convenience of maneuvering it like a remote-controlled car, users can effortlessly establish boundaries without the hassle of wiring. This is made possible through its state-of-the-art 3D Vision & RTK Fusion-Mapping System, ensuring unparalleled precision and compliance with set boundaries. With the Luba 2 AWD 10000, there are no limitations or worries; it empowers users to navigate and control with confidence, making boundary setting a seamless and efficient process.

3D Vision Positioning Technology

The Luba 2 AWD 10000 is revolutionizing positioning technology with its cutting-edge 3D Vision Positioning Technology. This system incorporates a sophisticated 3D vision module enhanced by deep learning capabilities, allowing for intelligent boundary recognition without the need for manual input or complex setup. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, the Luba 2 AWD 10000 can accurately identify and navigate boundaries with precision, making it an invaluable asset for tasks requiring intricate spatial awareness and autonomous operation. This innovative technology not only streamlines workflow but also enhances safety and efficiency in various industries such as agriculture, construction, and surveying, where precise boundary recognition is critical for optimal performance.

Multi-Zone Management

The Luba 2 AWD Series introduces advanced Multi-Zone Management capabilities, allowing users to define and manage multiple mowing zones effortlessly. With this feature, operators can set distinct cutting heights and schedules for each zone tailored to specific terrain or grass types, optimizing lawn maintenance with precision and flexibility. Luba autonomously navigates between designated zones, seamlessly transitioning between different cutting requirements without manual intervention. This innovative functionality enhances efficiency in lawn care operations, enabling users to achieve customized results across diverse landscapes while maximizing productivity. The Multi-Zone Management feature of the Luba 2 AWD Series redefines automated mowing, offering unparalleled convenience and performance for users seeking customizable and efficient lawn maintenance solutions.

Omni-Wheels Innovation

The Luba 2 AWD Series is equipped with innovative Omni-wheels, enabling exceptional maneuverability and precise control without causing damage to the grass. These specialized wheels allow Luba to execute in-place turns effortlessly, navigating tight spaces and complex terrain with agility and grace. By leveraging Omni-wheel technology, Luba minimizes ground impact, ensuring gentle traversal over delicate surfaces like grass while maintaining stability and efficiency during operation. This advanced feature enhances the overall performance and versatility of the Luba 2 AWD Series, making it an ideal choice for lawn care applications where precision and turf protection are paramount concerns.


  • Adaptive Suspension Arm:

    LUBA's Adaptive suspension arm system and terrain sway provide agile traversal of rugged terrain.

  • Bumper:

    Stabilizes LUBA 2 and reduces shocks during operation.

  • Zero-Turn Technology:

    Maximize lawn mowing efficiency and achieve a perfectly groomed yard with the Zero-turn design.

All-Wheel Drive System

Equipped with four strong in-hub motors, exclusive off-road tires, and suspensions, the LUBA AWD Series is unrivaled in traction and maneuverability. It surpasses small-diameter wheel mowers with the ability to navigate 65% inclines and tackle tough terrain without stalling.

Quick Setup with No Perimeter Wire

The RTK-GNSS and Multi-sensor Integrated Navigation System of LUBA allow for easy mapping of your lawn with no need for wires, allowing you to easily define multiple mowing zones with minimal effort.

Impressive Slope Mowing

The LUBA AWD robot lawn mower is equipped with the capability to handle lawns of complex terrain, with thick tall grass, and a gradient of up to 80% (38.6°).

Triple-Reductant Obstacle Avoidance

The Luba 2 AWD Series features an advanced triple-redundant obstacle avoidance system that integrates 3D Vision, ultrasonic radar, and a physical bumper for comprehensive safety and protection. This sophisticated arrangement of sensors and technology ensures there are zero blind spots in both forward and lateral directions, allowing Luba to detect obstacles effectively and navigate around them with precision. By leveraging multiple layers of obstacle detection and avoidance, Luba enhances safety not only for operators but also for families and pets in the vicinity. This robust safety system makes the Luba 2 AWD Series a trusted choice for autonomous operation in various settings, providing peace of mind while delivering efficient and reliable performance in lawn care and landscaping tasks.

Enhanced Safety Design:

  • Physical Stop Button
  • Security Key
  • Lift/Tilt Sensor
  • Blade Halts during Abnormal Situation


Embrace Smart Yard Security

The Luba 2 AWD Series offers smart yard security with its real-time monitoring feature, providing users with peace of mind and enhanced control over their outdoor space. By enabling the yard monitoring feature through the visual module (which defaults to off for privacy), users can access real-time status updates, and playback recordings, and manage their yard efficiently using the Mammotion app. This integration of technology allows for proactive monitoring and management of the yard, enabling users to stay informed and responsive to changes or events in their outdoor environment remotely. With smart yard security powered by the Luba 2 AWD Series, users can enjoy a connected and secure outdoor space with convenience and confidence.

  • App Notification:

    Receive APP notification if LUBA exceeds designated mowing zones

  • GPS Tracking:

    Track LUBA's location in real-time in the Mammotion
    APP using GPS tracking.

  • Ownership Authentication: 

    The first user to activate the device becomes the rightful owner and can grant access to family members. LUBA supports a "lost" feature, preventing unauthorized use.

  • Geofence Alarm:

    When LUBA is moved out of the geofence, the alarm will be automatically triggered.

  • AirTag Compatibility:

    Reserve a spot on LUBA for an AirTag. Add an option AirTag to secure your LUBA for added peace of mind *Note: AirTag is not included and must be purchased separately.


        Mammotion LUBA Series Smart App

        Lawn Printing Technology

        The Luba 2 AWD Series unlocks the potential for lawn artistry with its innovative Lawn Printing Technology, accessible through the Mammotion app. Users can select from various mowing patterns or create custom designs directly within the app, leveraging Luba's advanced algorithms to execute precise mowing routes, cutting heights, and angles. This technology allows the creation of intricate and personalized lawn designs, enhancing curb appeal and showcasing creativity in landscaping. With the Luba 2 AWD Series, users can transform their outdoor spaces into captivating works of art, all managed conveniently from their mobile devices through the intuitive Mammotion app.

        Hassle-Free Lawn Care

        • Adjust Cutting Height:

          Customize your ideal cutting height for different mowing zones with two options: Standard (1.0-2.7 inches) and H Version (2.2-4.0 inches).

        • Choose Mowing Mode:

          Choose between different mowing modes such as Parallel, Checkboard, and Diamond Grid on the Mammotion APP to achieve a well-defined stripe on your lawn. (More modes will be added via FOTA).

        • Set Mowing Schedule:

          Schedule LUBA for 24/7 labor-free lawn care at your designated times.

        • Check LUBA Status:

          Track LUBA's status and manage its mowing task anytime, anywhere through the Mammotion app with Wifi & Bluetooth connectivity.

         Alexa and Google Home Enabled


        Lithium-battery Powered LUBA

        Contrasting with traditional gas-powered mowers, Luba runs on lithium battery power, providing a clean and emission-free solution. Besides, our advanced energy management system optimizes Luba's energy consumption, enhancing overall energy utilization and reducing expenditure.


        Easily Create No-Go Zones

        Users can use the app to create no-go zones for areas such as gardens, kids' play areas, and pools, which LUBA 2 AWD Series will automatically navigate.

        What’s Included:

        • LUBA 2 AWD
        • Power Supply
        • Extra One Set of Blade
        • Security Key
        • Installation Kits
        • Charging Station
        • RTK Reference Station
        • RTK Extension Cable (10m)
        • RTK Power Supply
        • RTK Ground Mount
        • Quick Start Guide


        Max Mowing Size 10,000㎡
         In-App Area Storage Capacity

        3 Acres / 12,000㎡
        Max Multi-zone Management 60
        Engine All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
        Max Climbing Ability 80% (38.6°)
        Max Slope at the edge 45% (24°)
        Vertical Obstacle Passing Ability 50 mm (standard version)
        80 mm (H version)
        In-App Cutting Height Adjustment 25-70 mm (standard version)
        55-100 mm (H version)
        Charging time  150 min
        Noise Level  60 dB
        Waterproof IPX6 for Luba Machine and Charging 
        IPX7 for RTK Station
        Obstacle Avoidance Binocular Vision, Ultrasonic Radar & 
        Rain Sensor Yes
        Planned Route Modes 3 Modes 
        App Controlled Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/4G
        Firmware Update  FOTA
        Product Size (L*W*H)

        690*513*273mm (Standard Version)
        690*513*303mm (H Version)
        Weight 17.65 kg (Standard Version)
        18.30 kg (H Version)


        Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD Series FAQs

        • What is the LUBA Warranty and Repair Services?

          If the product does not work as guaranteed during the warranty period, you can request after-sales service by contacting the upcoming local MAMMOTION distributor or email us at The main parts of the lawn mower and battery are covered under a 2-year warranty. Please note that the accessories (Charging Station and RTK Antenna) are under a 2-year warranty while blades and tires do not have a warranty.

        • Does the RTK base station need to be connected to the charging station?

          RTK base station does not need to be connected to the charging station. You can put the charging station anywhere you want! If you want to install RTK station on the roof, you will need to have a separate power adapter and extension cord to power RTK reference station.

        • Does the entire area require a Wi-Fi signal or once it gets its mission near its charging base it can complete the job and then come back to the charging base?

          Once the mission is set, it can carry out the entire workflow even without WiFi. The WiFi is intended to assist you in checking the status of LUBA and receiving messages remotely on your cell phone.

        • How do I Install LUBA 2?

          You can easily perform the installation yourself. A quick start guide will be included in the box, and you can also find Video Tutorial on our Support page.

        • What if my front and back yard are separated by a fence?

          Luba can manage multiple zones. If there is a path between these two yards, Luba can travel to the second yard and perform the work automatically.

        • Can the Mammotion App be used remotely, for example when I am not at home?

          With Mammotion App, you can remotely preset and update the mowing parameters for each zone, as well as check Luba’s status in real time.

        • What patterns are available for LUBA's Lawn Printing feature?

          The patterns below will be released before the end of April 2024. More and more patterns will be updated via FOTA later.

          System mode: Football / Heart / Circle / Pentagram/ M logo of Mammotion;

          Customization: Unlimited English letters can be freely combined with 26 English letters to choose from.

        Warranty, Returns & Manuals


        If the product does not work as guaranteed during the warranty period, you can request after-sales service by contacting us at The main parts of the lawn mower and battery are covered under a 2-year warranty. Please note that the accessories (Charging Station and RTK Antenna) are under a 1-year warranty while blades and tires do not have a warranty. The warranty period for a product is valid on the day when the product(s) is delivered from the local warehouse for pre-orders, while the other orders are valid from the purchase date.


        Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD Manual

        Returns and Refunds

        Mammotion allows you to return your LUBA within 30 days. You will be responsible for paying your own shipping costs for returning your item unless otherwise specified by a Customer Service representative. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

        If you are shipping an item over $75.00 in value, you should consider using trackable shipping. Additionally, any returns for any reason outside of a defective item will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. To be eligible for a return, your LUBA must be unopened, unactivated, and still in the new condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging including all components.

        Mammotion reserves the right to determine whether your order is eligible for return. After confirming your order is eligible, you will receive instructions on how to properly pack and return them. A Return Merchant Authorization Number (RMA#) must be requested from us before items may be shipped back to our facility. Please note that no packages will be accepted without an RMA number. Please contact us at  with any additional questions.


        You can cancel your order any time before it ships completely free of charge. Please contact us at  with any additional questions. 


        Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD 10000 Robot Lawn Mower